Friday, June 18, 2010


Trench of poison
Feet bitten
Heart decaying
Tuning in death


Terror of sleepless nights
Dream’s search for sanity
Burning treetops
Vanishing eyes
Disgusting dishes
I am moving in head
Sinking in time


Am a communist at heart
Fascist in love
Dictator of time
Liberal in madness


I aim to mature as a tree
Entwining hanging roots
Spirited veins
Green Heart
And a red soul

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


He is my inspiration
Sea of red
Sapphire of heart
Sky of freedom


I hunt for myself
It is cohesion of memories,
Dreaming in past
Inertia of eyes
Forever in future
Present is of you
Who sign my moments

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Better Half

You painted my thoughts
Crucified it in smile
You are a magical realist
Blind surrealist
You are nothing
But image of my mirror


Invisible isle
Floating in gloom
He flings the web of fantasy
Queen of meadow beam,
Trick of an expert
Or dreams of green


Let the world sleep
I have a tale
A Hero
Born in echoes
Seduced by the wild
Is dancing in thoughts


You smiled in red
I blushed in love
Heart filled with mysteries
I just grown into height
And became a flower


Am blue
A flower of blind curves
I long for a violent storm
That unsettles the sea


He came with a forest
Wilderness stepped into me
Stream ringed through my nerves
A land of whispering woods

Rainy dark

Drenched in rain
We ride to the forest
Darkness floats
Smell of wet soil
Song of an unseen flower
Bang of wild
Self lost in nature
Tree bared in thunder

Gloomy sunday

Encounter with sadness
Blue snake flew in eyes
Pain of breath
Blood freeze in veins
am poisoned

Monday, June 14, 2010


Voice losing its origin
Yet binds to green
Foresee a blue hill
Rising to the magical night


I am true in eyes
They mirror moon rings
Fading into deep night
I will return in your dreams


On a lazy day volcano bloomed
Fuming heart
Burning look
Sizzling stroke
Land vanished in red
I waited to explode.


He is negative
Fatal in passion
Frugal in reason
A magnetic black hole


He lost in me as madness
I hid him in thoughts
Scribbled in words
When it rains
He freeze inside
Lips touch the heart line
Fire flower blooms in sleep

My Moon/Man

You wax and wane
Twist in words and deeds
Gained and lost in seconds
Kindle the heart and spirit.

My Man/Moon

You wax and wane
Twist in words and deeds
Gained and lost in seconds
Kindle the heart and spirit.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


When it rains
Thoughts bloom in green
Peacock dance in words
Forest walks into me